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26 June 2006 @ 01:13 pm
Website List Page: MARS  
Please comment if you have a site to add.
All links are made to come up on a new page, try not to fear when a new page pops up when you click.
Click here <-- to scroll down to the Mars TV Taiwanese Drama List

{] LyricsAndSongs.com [}
Song: "A Horse With No Name" Artist: "D.A.D."

{] MARS Posters [}
That's right! Real Mars manga posters! If the link don't work type in "manga mars" and 2 poster (Rei hugging Kira and another of Rei)

{] Storm in Heaven v10 [}
See more of Souryo Fuyumi (Fuyumi Souryou) unrelesed work! Click Complete for "Owaru Heart Janee" and "Taiyou no Ichiwaru" and upcomeing "Tamara"

{] Mars-manga: An ML for fans of the Shoujo manga series "Mars" [}
A Yahoo Group for Mars

{] Tokyo Pop: MARS Manga [}
Thank you Tokyo Pop for bringing us Mars.

{] Mars [}
English translations of the manga.

{] Electrical Storm [}
A fan's love for mars. Imanges, fanart and Fanfiction storys.

{] Manga-net [}
Is this site in Spanish or French? 0.o;; Anyway it's got pictures, fanart and Merchandising!

{] Cassie's Mars page [}
Links and Reviews

{] MangaNet.it - Mars Manga [}
See the original Japanese book covers and Italina covers

{] A web site to Fuyumi Souryo's Mars [}
Wallpaper and info.

{] MARS Gallery [}
Some really awsome pictures of Rei and Kira

{] Mars [}
English translations

{] chantilly [}
Amother Mars Gallery with some really cute pictures of Kira

{] Bishounen Realm [}
Rei Gallery

{] KiraChan MARS Page [}
A cute Mars site with info, picture and links. But they got some pic of that girl Nina mixed in with Kira.

2 Wallpapers of Rei and Kira

MARS Taiwanese Drama

{] Krystalheart's MARS Taiwanese Drama Site [}
Cast list, Soundtrack and Episode guides.

{] D-Addicts:: Mars (English Sub) [}
Download MARS! But you'll need a bit torrent to DL. (This link is the one I use)

{] YouTube - Broadcast Yourself [}
Your Tube! Post your favorite Ep on MySpace XD

{] YesAsia.com [} Or you can buy the DVD. Try E-bay for fansubtitles.

{] YesAsia.com - Taiwan TV Series OST [}
MARS Original Television Drama Soundtrack

{] YesAsia.com - MARS Movie Book [}
Late I checked they where out of stock.

{] Forever Lei and Shancai [}
A MSN Group

{] Mars [}
Synopses and a link to the Mars HQ page.

{] Mars Drama Japanese Site [}
Oh look video!

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