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26 June 2006 @ 02:31 pm
Website List Page: Armitage The Thrid  
Please comment if you have a site to add.
All links are made to come up on a new page, try not to fear when a new page pops up when you click.

{] AnimeLyrics.com [}
Song:"Phantom World" Artist:"Hiroyuki Namba"

{] GKworld: Armitage WallScroll Poster [}
A beautiful Scroll of Armitage. Found GKworld is on E-bay, they got a lot of stuff. o.0

{] Naomi Armitage [}
Downloads, info, links and a little gallery. The sites layout kicks ass and is fun. I love this site because they have sound clips.

{] Armitage III Poly Matrix Original Soundtrack MP3s & Downloads [}
When I did the DL it change the form to 'Mpeg'. If that happens to you just take out the 'eg' and put '3' then change the file form from 'video movie' to 'all files'. That should make it back in to a nice MP3.

{] German site [}
Perfect if you read German! lol They have lots of cool things to load from videos to computer layouts. Amp skins, ICQ (icons on my computer: Like your 'Rec bin' and 'My Documents'). And Music! Yes, yes! Must not forget the music. And if you can read German give the quiz a shot!

{] AnimeArt.com - Armitage [}
Simple site with all the simple stuff, info/ending video/small gallery/products

{] Gallery [}
Nice 4 page gallery

{] Armitage III [}
Info page and CD info page

{] Animanga Pictures Archive - Armitage III [}
Armitage Cels and Screen Captures

{] Armitage the Third: Polymatrix [}
Character, Robot Types and video info, also Links

{] Armitage The Third Main Gate [}
Two web pages in one! Choose from Poly-matrix or Duel-matrix

{] Welcome to BESM: Armitage III [}
RPG as Armitage in the game "Big Eyes, Small Mouth"

{] Michelle's Armitage III Page [}
Characters, Links, Pictures and sound Clips

{] Armitage2 [}
Images, Character, Other Stuff and by the looks of it more to come

{] Armitage III: Dual Matrix - Trailers and Video - Movies - New York Times [}
Preview of Dual-Matrix in Real Player or Windows Media.

{] Armitage VS Armitage: In-depth comparison [}
A page comparing the Armitage OVA (four part) VS the Armitage Poly-matrix (movie)

{] G4 - Feature - 'Armitage III: Polymatrix' [}
Thank You G4! What would we do without you! For those who don't know G4 is a Channel for Video Gamers that also show Anime Unleashed.

{] Armitage Third [}
A small collection of some nice Armitage Cels

{] YouTube Broadcast Yourself [}
List with anything having the word 'Armitage'. These clips are cool to watch or post on your MySpace. Oh look It's D'anCaude doing a French L'Oreal commercial! XD

{] Armitage Music Video List [}
To a post that has 6 AMVs links.

{] Animefringe: Features: Armitage: Dual-Matrix [}
Normal I skip over "Review" pages but this has some nice pictures. Awww look it's Yoko!

{] Anime Omega [}
I'm going to say this is a Spanish anime site. Warning: pop-ups that won't go away. But it still has so grate stuff.

{] Forever's Realm [}
Bio, Pic, music

{] Non-anime watchers review of anime [}
It hard to think someone that don't like anime would sit a review them. Most Reviews are just summery of a video with someone's two cents in. Remember a review is what 'one' person enjoys. Picture of VHS tapes.

TWO Fanfic Found!
{] Garden Interlude [}

{] Ukyou's Fanfics: A Place in This World [}
Ukyou also had a second fanfic but that ones not working. I'll see if I can get a hold of her later.

Also, no. I haven't read them yet I'll update you if I do.
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