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MARS and Armitage the third

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Naomi and Kira
Welcome to The Rebel and I Commentary!
Dedicated to the Manga (and live drama) "MARS"
and the Anime (and the rumors of a manga) "ARMITAGE THE THIRD".

Please read the Rules and facts:
01. All members are welcome to post pictures, mood themes, wallpaper, websites, fanart, banners, icons, fanfics, ect. But they must be Armitage or Mars related. Ex: A fanfic that's of an anime crossover with Mars is welcomed but a fanfic that just mentions Mars but has nothing to do with it is not excepted.

02. Aggressive language must be kepted under control.

03. Advertising of any other communities, mailing lists or websites must be of either an Armitage or Mars theme. If is just all around anime/manga that's ok I guess.

04. Any posts that include more than three icons should be put behind LJ cut-tags.

05. Please use LJ-cuts if your posting either a large pictures or more than one big picture in a post. One picture can remain outside of the cut, if it's small enough not to mess up people's 'Friends Page'.

06. All Fanfics and Fanart must have a Rating and be LJ-cut. This is to keep people from being offended by any nudity or adult themes. Plust I just don't wan't the commentary to look cluttered.

07. Other then that enjoy this community.

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Armitage III is synthetic-but-pure love
Created by: scourgey

Rei and Kira are Legend Love.
Created by: catiana_albatou

Mars is Love
Created by: _outside_castle

Mars is Taiwanese Live drama Love
Created by: _outside_castle